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Dogs have fun at the bowser bed and breakfast
Bowser B&B Boarding Services

Boarding Services

Boarding services for your pet is all inclusive. Pickup, delivery, feeding, and exercise is built into the daily or weekly boarding rate. Price is based on length of stay and number of dogs. Short-term and long-term boarding is available. Multiple family dogs are welcome. Please call for specific rate information, and ask about a length of stay discount for long-term boarding for single or multiple family dogs.

Temperament evaluation trial weekends are available for pets who are new to boarding.

All reservations for boarding or training must be made by phoning Michelle or Jack at (815) 858-2424. If you have questions, you may call or email bowserlady@gmail.com.


We include door to door, on-time, pickup and delivery of your pet from your home to our facility at no additional charge. Pets are transported in one of 3 facility vehicles
by trained drivers. Pets are crated for their safety while transporting.


Three two-hour out of door play sessions are provided each day. Play sessions are supervised by trained adult staff members. Dogs are allowed to socialize with other dogs of different breeds and sizes as long as they are tempermentally compatible. If you prefer your dog to be walked during one of our play sessions, or if your pet requires one-on-one attention, we are happy to accomodate.

Your pet is cared for and supervised by trained staff at the Bowser Bed and Breakfast.


Bowser B&B Provides Jolly Balls and Kong Toys for pets to use outdoors. Please keep your pet's special toys at home.

Please do not send the following items with your pet:

> Pig's Ears
> Tennis Balls
> Leashes
> Pillows
> Dog Beds
> Bowls

Please do send the following items with your pet:

> Food - enough to cover the stay plus a little extra, and feeding instructions.

> Medications: Please clearly label the medication and include an information sheet containing your name, pet's name, medication type, dosing instructions, and what the medication is for.


Our facility recommends Solid Gold products. Families are encouraged to provide enough food for their pets. If no food, or not enough food, is provided, your pet will be provided Solid Gold pet food. Dogs will be fed throughout the day as per your instructions. If your dog is on a special diet, we will accomodate your pet's needs.


Dogs sleep indoors in a climate-controlled, home-like room. Bowser B&B provides sleeping mats or cots in the dog's room. Please keep your dog's special dog bed at home.

Special Needs
Bowser B&B will accomodate special pet needs.

Medications: If medications are needed, medications will be dispensed at no additional charge. Medications and written instructions for dosing and dispensation must be provided.

Allergies: If your pet has food or environmental allergies, please make us aware so we can be sure to keep your pet safe and healthy during its stay.

Additinal Health Care: If needed, additional health care is provided by Veterinary Associates of Galena.

Bathing and Grooming

Ask about additional bathing and grooming services which are available from a local certified groomer.

Training and Socialization

While your pet is with us, additional training is available for families whose pet may need spot training for specialized needs including: Jumping, Barking, Socialization Skills, or any other behavioral issues (excluding aggression). A written observational report is sent home with your pet.

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Dogs sleep indoors in climate controlled rooms.
Your baby sleeps on a soft, comfortable, and safe dog bed while they stay at the Bowser Bed and Breakfast.
Your pet is fed according to your schedule when they stay with us at the Bowser Bed and Breakfast.
Discounts are available for multiple family dogs at the Bowser Bed and Breakfast.




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