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Bowser Philosophy

Bringing a pet dog into our lives can be a very exciting, rewarding, and often frustrating experience. Most of the problems people encounter with their canine companion are due to a lack of education in basic dog psychology and a lack of understanding of how to incorporate household obedience training techniques into their home environment.

The Bowser Academy is dedicated to the education of both dogs and people, with programs designed to help bridge the gap of communication between the two species.

With safe, humane, and effective positive reinforcement methods, we will help begin the training process by consulting with your family regarding your specific training needs. We troubleshoot any behavioral problems you are currently experiencing with your dog, and create a system that is custom tailored to meet your training goals.

Whether you choose our two week Jump Start program, or the three week Bowser Boot Camp, your dog will enjoy two training sessions per day with our professional staff and three closely monitored interactive play sessions with well-socialized dogs in our Bowser B&B boarding facility.

An in-depth consultation DVD outlining your training program and a training manual completes our comprehensive program. Our support program helps to maintain the training in your home environment.

Program Options

All training programs include pick-up and delivery service as well a boarding at the Bowser B&B.

The two-week "Jump Start" program is recommended for puppies (under 6 months) and is for dogs who have never been introduced to basic obedience training concepts. At the beginning of the program, an evaluation will pinpoint behavioral issues you have been experiencing with your dog and a customized training program that fits the needs of your family and lifestyle will be developed. At the end of the program, you will receive a consultation which outlines the training exercises used in your dog's program. You will receive all training equipment at the end of the program including a video outlining the basic exercises in your customized training program. The two-week training program covers the following topics:

-- attention exercises
-- sit
-- sit maintain
-- down
-- down maintain
-- come when called
-- and walking on a loose leash
-- minor behavioral issues such as mild aggression, jumping, and chewing.

The three-week "Bowser Boot Camp " program also also includes transportation and boarding, an individual evaluation for your dog, and the development of a customized training program. You will receive all training equipment as well as a training video. The three-week program is recommended for dogs that are 6 months and older who have had some obedience training but continue to display behavioral problems. Additional concepts covered in the three-week program include:

-- boundary training
-- proofing

-- introduction to intermittent reward
-- training in a distracted environment and
-- teaching bowser to go to his place.

Continued Support (three-week program only)

In the event you have difficulty with any of the training concepts, the Bowser Academy will offer either a phone consultation (when appropriate) or a one time trouble shooting session in your home. If you need additional brush up training, you may board your dog at the Bowser B&B. One training session per day will be included at no additional charge during your dog's stay. This support will continue for as long as you own the dog.


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