Welcome to Bowser B&B and Bowser AcademyBowser Academy 2721 S. Georgetown Rd. Elizabeth, IL 61028 (815) 585-2424 - email - bowserlady@gmail.com

Boswer Bed and Breakfast is located at 2127 Georgetown Road, in Elizabeth Illinois. The phone number is 815 858 2424.
Located on eight acres of beautiful rolling hills in scenic Jo Daviess county Illinois, Bowser B&B and Bowser Academy offers a unique interactive boarding program and a variety of training and behavioral programs for the family dog.

We serve suburban Chicago as well as local families and provide a flexible pickup and delivery system designed to meet the needs of the client. We feature roomy, safe pickup and delivery of your dog right from your doorstep. Contact us for more information on delivery areas available.

At the Bowser B&B, your dog is housed in a clean, climate controlled, walled room with a home-like atmosphere. Facilities include two carpeted and furnished family rooms, 24 hour TV, and an indoor play pavillion for inclement weather.

Bowser will experience 3 two-hour play sessions per day with dogs of similar play style and temperament. Bowser B&B features seven grass, fenced, and safe play yards on our property.

Play sessions are designed to relieve stress and create a tired, relaxed dog that is able to rest. Because your dog is taken out at regular intervals, house training is maintained.

Bowssers having fun
Dogs are fed per your instructions (you supply the food).  Medications are dispensed at no additional charge.  Additional feedings per day can be arranged at no additional charge.

Want Bowser to come home smelling fresh?  We offer a kennel bath the night before your dog is returned for an additional fee.


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